5-Port Solenoid Valve SQ1000/2000


• Power saving: Power consumption of 0.4 W (Standard)
• Easy to add or decrease the number of valve stations
• Easy valve maintenance, mountable with one screw
• Easy replacement of clip type One-touch fittings
• Connector entry direction can be changed with a single push.
• 4-position, dual 3-port valve
• Built-in back pressure check valve (Option)
• Manifold type no.: SS5Q13, SS5Q14, SS5Q23, SS5Q24

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Technical Data


■Power Saving

Power consumption 0.4W (Standard) ,
0.95W High (pressure)

Compared to existing model 60% DOWN

Easy to add or decrease the number of valve stations.

The use of cassette style valves and manifolds makes it easy to increase or decrease the number of stations on a DIN rail. The plug-in type includes two extra valve station connectors. This design makes rewiring unnecessary during manifold expansion.

Easy valve maintenance

Mountable with one screw.

■Easy Replacement of Clip Type One-touch Fittings

One-touch fittings can be replaced without removing valves.

■Connector Entry Direction Can be Changed with a Single Push

The connector entry direction can be changed from the top to the side by simply pressing the manual release button. It is not necessary to use the manual release button when
switching from the side to the top.

■4 Position Dual 3 Port Valve

• Two 3-port valves built into one body.
• The 3-port valves on the A and B sides can operate independently.
• When used as 3-port valves, only half the number of stations is required.
• Can also be used as a 4-position, 5-port valve.

■Built-in Back Pressure Check Valve (Option)

Eliminates trouble with back pressure when driving a single acting cylinder or when using an exhaust center type valve, etc.

■Wiring Type

■Piping Specifications