Air Cylinder CJ2/CDJ2


・Two auto switches can be mounted even on the ø4, 5 st.
・A ø2 One-touch fitting and a speed controller can be connected.
・With auto switch (CDJP2 series: CDJP2)

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Technical Data


■Double foot/Head flange/Double-side bossed are added to the mounting types.

4 types  7 types(For ø6, 3 types  6 types)

Improved amount of mounting freedom
Head cover with boss is added.

■Various mounting bracket options

  • Suitable mounting brackets can be selected for the installation condition.
  • Improved amount of mounting freedom

■Head cover port location “Perpendicular to axis” is newly added to ø6. New

Improved piping flexibility

■Easy fine adjustment of auto switch position

Fine adjustment of the auto switch set position can be performed by loosening the auto switch attached screw. Operability improved compared with the conventional auto switch set position adjustment, where the complete switch mounting band requires loosening.

Transparent switch bracket improves visibility of indicator LED.

■Part numbers with rod end bracket and/or pivot bracket available

Not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately

Note) Mounting bracket is shipped together with the product, but not assembled.

■Other Features


∗: The air cylinder with end lock has the same shape as the current product.
∗: For details about the clean series, refer to the WEB catalog.
∗: Air cushion is only available for ø10 and ø16.