Booster Regulator VBA10A/11A


・Increase factory air pressure by 4 times!
・Air-only operation requires no power supply, and allows easy installation.
・Air consumption: Max. 25% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
 Max. 30% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
・Max. flow rate: 10% increase (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
 30% increase (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
・Charging time: Max. 30% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
 Max. 60% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
・Improved service life: 50 million cycles or more
 (Pressure increase ratio: Twice, 4 times)
 Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life.

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