Clean Design Manifold Valve JSY5000-H


• Low fluid accumulation, Easy to clean
• Large flow rate: 1,600 L/min (ANR)
• Enclosure: IP69K
• NSF-H1 grease
• External parts: FDA-compliant materials
(Metal parts are made of stainless steel 316 with high anti-corrosion performance.)
• Wiring: Lead wire/Fieldbus type (IO-Link)

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Technical Data


■Clean Design Manifold Valve JSY5000-H Series

Low fluid accumulation, Easy to clean

■Crevice free exterior and can be cleaned without disassembly Cleanable space between valves


■Valve width is 15 mm.

Sub-plate (Single unit): IP69K compliant

Manifold Parts

Series Variations

Manifold Options


■IP69K manifold

IP69K products are IP6X (IEC/EN 60529) and IPX9K (ISO 20653) compliant and protected against dust and high-pressure hot water.

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