Floating Joint J


・The floating joint can absorb any off-centering or loss of parallel
 accuracy of the double acting cylinder, making centering unnecessary.

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Technical Data


JT Series

■Compact: Reduced by 19 mm

■Weight: Max.56% lighter (50g → 22g)

■More compact and light-weight combination are available by using the JT series with a JCM series cylinder.

■Screw size is the same as the screw size for standard JA series.

■With dustproof cover

■Light weight With the aluminium case

Weight 30% reduction

*Compared to the existing model JA40

Product suitable for air cylinders

・Light weight mitigates lateral loads to air cylinders.
・Maximum tensile force equivalent to 1 MPa

■Floating joint compensates for any misalignment between the work piece and the air cylinder.

Rotating angle : ±5°

Allowable eccentricity : ±0.5 to 1 mm

■Series Variations