Master TEC – Power Cable – PVC / PVC / SWA / PVC Cables IEC 60502-1, BS 6346, MS 2103 (Aluminium)

This cable is primarily used for main power supply.
It can be installed in cable ducts, on cable trays, on cable ladders and in cable trunking.
The armoured cable is ideal for ground emplacement if a higher electrical or mechanical protection is required
Voltage Rating:
600/1000 V
Stranded plain aluminium conductor, PVC insulated, PVC bedding, galvanized steel wires armoured, PVC sheathed cable.
Insulation Colour:
2-Core : (Brown & Blue) or (Red & Black)
3-Core : (Brown, Black & Grey) or (Red, Yellow & Blue)
4-Core : (Brown, Black, Grey & Blue), (Red, Yellow, Blue & Black) or as per order
Sheath Colour:
Black or as per order
BS 6346, IEC 60502-1, MS 2103

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