Master TEC – Power Cables – PVC / PVC Power Cables IEC 60502-1, MS 2102 (Aluminium)

This cable is primarily used for main power supply.
It can be installed in cable ducts, on cable trays, on cable ladders and in cable trunking.
Voltage Rating:
600/1000 V
Stranded plain aluminium conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed cable.
Insulation Colour:
2-Core : (Brown, Blue) or (Red & Black)
3-Core : (Brown, Black & Grey) or (Red, Yellow & Blue)
4-Core : (Brown, Black, Grey & Blue), (Red, Yellow, Blue & Black) or as per order
Sheath Colour:
Black or as per order
IEC 60502-1, MS 2102

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