Modular F.R.L. Units AC-A


・Easy element replacement
 The element and the bowl are integrated. Replacement can be done in hand.
・Energy-saving regulator Pressure drop: Max. 50% improvement
・Reduced required maintenance space: Max. 46% reduction
・Better visibility & increased safety
 The bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard.
 Spacer: Y200-A, Y300-A, Y400-A, Y500-A
 Spacer with bracket: Y200T-A, Y300T-A, Y400T-A, Y500T-A

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Technical Data


■Modular Type F.R.L. Unit  Series AC

■Transparent bowl guard

Better environmental resistance: Transparent bowl guard can protect the inner bowl!

Better visibility: 360°

Use of transparent bowl guard makes it possible to check the condensate inside the filter case and the remaining oil amount in the lubricator from the entire periphery.

Light weight: Max. 90 g reduction

* Except AW

■Pressure drop: Max. 50% improvement

* Regulator/AR, Filter Regulator/AW

■ New Spacer