Modular Type Common Supply Regulator AR□M(K)-D


・Supply different pressure for multiple applications
 OUT port is on the back of the product.
・Space-saving design and reduced piping labor
 Modular connection is possible
・Branch piping.

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Supply different pressure for multiple applications

Space-saving design and reduced piping labor

Can be connected as a module with F.R.L. combination (AC-D series). One F.R.L unit can then
control pressure for multiple different air lines.
Complicated tube arrangement and multiple fittings are no longer required.

Branch piping

A long type spacer with bracket has been added.

The bracket allows for the use of a male elbow One-touch fitting (KQ2L□-□(A, N, G)□) on the OUT port.
Air can be released from the vertical direction.

  • Selection of pressure gauges

  • Easy to handle

    Easy to hold when unlocked

Simple Specials System

For modular connection units (shipped assembled), the simple specials system can be used.
Please contact your local sales representative for more details.