Regulator IR1200-A/2200-A/3200-A


・Air consumption: Bleed air “0”
・High flow rate: Up to approx.
 twice that of the existing SMC product
・Lightweight: Reduced by up to approx. 27%
 (Compared to the existing SMC product)
・Repeatability: ±1% (Full span)

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Technical Data


■Reduction in air consumption: Bleed air “0”

Air consumption is reduced with a new original structure.

With this new original structure, running costs are reduced.

No fixed throttle in the new design.

Flow rate: Up to approx. twice (Compared to the current SMC product)

■Weight: Reduced by up to
approx. 27%

■Repeatability: ±1% (Full span)

■Mounting is interchangeable with the current SMC model.

■Space saving

New structure without fixed throttle does not require a mist separator.

■Digital pressure switch standardized

■Hexagon panel nut mounting

* Interchangeable with the current SMC product

■New IR can be used between a cylinder and solenoid valve.

■Exhaust (EXH) directions can be selected. (Series IR3200-A)

Bottom and front exhaust added.

■Application Examples

■Series Variations