Southern Cable – One Core – Aluminium, Mica Glass Tape, XLPO Insulated, Non-Armoured, LSOH Sheathed Cable – 600/1000V, AL / MGT / XLPO / LSOH

STANDARD SPECIFICATION: IEC 60502-1, IEC60331, BS6387 CWZ, IEC60754, IEC61034, IEC60332
CABLE DESCRIPTION: Aluminium Conductor, Mica Glass Tape, XLPO Insulated, Non-Armoured, LSOH Sheathed Cables – 1 Core
CABLE SIZES RANGE: 1 Core x (1.5 – 630)mm2
SHEATHING COLOURS: Orange, other colours is available upon request.

For general purpose internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment, installation in surface mounted or embedded conduits or similiar closed systems. Commonly use for protected installation in or on lighting fitting inside electronic, eletrical appliances, switchgear and control gear. Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.

• UV Resistance
• Anti Termite
• Anti Rodent
• Low Smoke Zero Halogen
(IEC 60754, IEC 61034)
• Flame Retardant Cat A, B, C
(IEC 60332-3)

Our fire resistant cable standard packing varies according to sizes, please get in touch with our salesperson for the specific fire resistant cable’s standard packing list.