3-Port Solenoid Valve / Pilot Operated Poppet Type VP300/500/700


• Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC)
• Longer life expectancy: 50 million cycles or more
• Built-in strainer in the pilot valve
• The external pilot type can be used for vacuum applications.
• Manifold type no.: VV3P3, VV3P5, VV3P7

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Technical Data


■Low wattage specification added

■Power consumption is reduced

0.55 W [With power saving circuit]
1.55 W [Standard]

* Conventional model: 2.0 W
With DC light

Power consumption is reduced by power saving circuit.

Power consumption is decreased by approx. 1/3 by reducing the wattage required to hold the valve in an energized state.
(Effective energizing time is over 40 ms at 24 VDC.)
Refer to electrical power waveform as shown below.

■Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC)

Noise reduction

Noise is considerably reduced by changing it to DC mode with a full-wave rectifier.

Reduced apparent power

Conventional 5.6 VA → 1.55 VA [Standard]

■Longer life expectancy: 50 million cycles or more

(Conventional: 20 million cycles) * Based on SMC test conditions.

■Built-in strainer in the pilot valve

Unexpected troubles due to foreign matter can be prevented.

Note) Be sure to mount an air filter on the inlet side.

■Air Operated Valve Series VPA300/500/700