5-Port Solenoid Valve VQZ1000/2000/3000


• The combined mounting of a 3-port valve and a 5-port valve on a manifold valve is possible.
• Can be mounted on an aluminum body manifold or a DIN rail
• Manifold type no.: VV5QZ12, VV5QZ15, VV5QZ22, VV5QZ25, VV5QZ32, VV5QZ35

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Green Procurement (RoHS)

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Technical Data


■Power consumption:
0.35 W(Standard) / 0.9 W
(High pressure type, High speed response type)

■High Speed Response and Long Service Life

■Compact, High Flow

■Both 3 and 5 port valves can be mounted on the same manifold.

■DIN rail mounting is available.

■Built-in One-touch fittings for easier piping
Easy replacement of clip type One-touch fitting.

■Enclosure IP65 compliant (DIN terminal, Common exhaust)

■Choice of metal or rubber seal for main valve construction