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ISO Standard Air Cylinder CP96/CP96SD


・Compliant with ISO Standards (15552)
・Cushion valve can easily be adjusted.
・CNOMO, D-M9□, and A9□ grooves located on 4 surfaces
・With auto switch (CP96SD series: CP96SD, CP96KD)

∗ The CP96 series (ø32 to ø100) has been remodeled.
 Please select the new CP96 series

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Technical Data


■Weight reduced

Achieved weight reduction by changing rod cover shape and piston structure

■Cycle time shortened

By adopting a new cushion method (Air cushion + Bumper cushion), Cycle time shortened

Air cushion + Bumper cushion Combined structure

■The bumper cushion reduces the metal noise that occurs when the piston stops at the end of the stroke.

■Series added New

● Standard type, Double rod: Series CP96-W
● Non-rotating rod type,
Single rod: Series CP96K
Double rod: Series CP96K-W

■Made to Order added New

● Heat resistant cylinder (-XB6)
● Heavy duty scraper (-XC4)
● Coil scraper (-XC35) etc. are added.

■Other Features

■Various mounting bracket options

Mounting brackets can be combined according to the operating conditions.

■Series Variations