Air Cylinder CG1


・Up to 66 mm shorter, up to 21% lighter
 (Compared with the CM2 series)
・Female rod end is available as standard.
・With auto switch (CDM3 series: CDM3)

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Technical Data


■Improved piping flexibility (Made to order: XC3)

・Piping can be connected every 90 degrees (4 positions).
・Suitable piping position can be selected during designing phase.

■Cylinder with rod end bracket is standardized.

■Interchangeable in mounting with the existing model

■Stroke Variations

■Various mounting bracket options

· Mounting brackets suitable for various installation conditions
· Improved mounting flexibility

■Part numbers for products with a rod end bracket and/or a pivot bracket

It is not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately.
* Mounting brackets are shipped together with the product but do not come assembled.

■Series Variations

* Click here for details on the clean series.