Air Cylinder JCM/JCDM


・A foot type and a flange type have been added. [New]
・Overall length shortened by up to 97 mm
・Weight: Max. 54% lighter (0.69 kg→0.32 kg)
・Various cover types available
・Port size: M5, Rc1/8, and NPT1/8 available
・Male and female rod ends available
・With auto switch (JCDM series: JCDM)

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> Auto Switches/Precautions
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Technical Data


■Overall length shortened, Height shortened

■Various cover types available

■Overall length shortened

(Compared with the existing model (CM2 series))

■Weight reduced

(Compared with the existing CM2 series model, at 50 mm stroke (without magnet))

■Port size: M5, Rc1/8, and NPT1/8 available

With M5 port, the overall length is maximum 13 mm shorter (for ø20).

■Male and female rod ends available

Male and female threads available.

■Lightweight and compact

■Part numbers for products with a rod end bracket are available.

It is not necessary to order a bracket for the applicable cylinder separately.
* Mounting brackets are shipped together with the product but do not come assembled.

New mounting band for auto switch

■Mounting height shortened

■Improved visibility of indicator LED

There are no parts near the indicator LED, so visibility is improved.

■Improved mounting workability

To mount the auto switch, simply insert it and position it correctly.

■Related components

Floating Joint JT Series

A more compact and lightweight combination is possible by using the JCM series with a JT series floating joint.