Stopper Cylinder RSQ/RSDQ/RSG/RSDG


・A wide range of models are available, so it is possible to select
 a cylinder that meets your needs.
 Realizes the labor saving and automation of conveyor lines
・With auto switch (RSDQ series: RSDQ, RSDG series: RSDG)

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Technical Data


■Additional variations now include the option to have a female rod end on the “round bar type” and the “chamfered type”. : 8 types → 10 types

■The new body allows for auto switch mounting on 4 faces.

■Various rod end configurations:10 types

■Lever type rod end selected according to applications

■Easy replacement of shock absorbers

  • Easy replacement of shock absorbers
    (ø32, ø40, ø50)
  • Replaceable just by loosening the set screw

■Three types of mounting

■Series Variations