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Warom – BAY51-Q LED Series Explosion-Proof Light Fittings With LED Tubes

• Explosion Protection to
• Can be used in
Zone 1,2,21,22
Class I
Division 2
Groups A, B, C, D
Built-in LED driver, wide voltage input, CC-CV (constant current constant voltage) output, power factor≥0.95.
• Emergency unit with protections against overcharge and over discharge.


Global (IECEx) IECEx CQM 19.0013X
Gas and dust Ex db eb op is IIC T6 Gb1); Ex db eb q op is IIC T5 or T6 Gb1); Ex tb op is IIIC T80℃ Db IP661)
Europe (ATEX) CML. 19 ATEX 1288X
Gas and dust II 2 G Ex db eb op is IIC T6 Gb1) II 2 G Ex db eb q op is IIC T5 or T6 Gb1) II 2 D Ex tb op is IIIC T80℃ Db IP661)
Certificates IECEx; ATEX; CU-TR
Conformity to standards EN; IEC
Degree of protection IP66/IP67
Ambient temperature Ex db eb op T6: -40℃~+45℃; Ex db eb q op T5/T6: -40℃~+55℃; Ex tb op is IIIC T80℃ :-40℃~+55℃


Material GRP, stands 7J impact, corrosion-proof Polycarbonate, high light transmission, stands 7J impact
Weight 7.4~14.75kg
Dimensions 1380x222x134mm
Lamp specification LED module
Lamp power (W) 28W/18W/14W/9W x 2; 28W/18W/14W/9W x 1
Emergency power (W) 28W/14W x 1
Emergency starting time 0.3s
Charging time 24h
Emergency lighting time 120 min/180min
Rated voltage 100~277V AC 50/60Hz;170~264V AC 50/60Hz;200~250V DC
Rated luminous flux 910~5770lm
Terminal 3 x 1.5~4mm2 (L+N+PE)
Cable entries 4
Available cable outer diameter Φ9~Φ16 (mm)