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Warom – BXCQ Explosion-Proof Overflow Static Grounding Control System

• Explosion Protection to
• Can be used in
Zone 1,2,21,22
• Enclosure in carbon steel or stainless steel
• The explosion-proof control box is the standard control box or PLC programmed control box. Combustible gas detector and toxic gas detector are modular designed. The thermal detector, smoking detector, and pressure transmitter are intrinsic safety explosion-proof components. The power of explosion-proof centrifugal fan is subject to the room size. The type of explosionproof air conditioner is subject to the room size. With audio and visual alarm interlock system. Illumination system is the explosion-proof fluorescent lamp. The light source of explosionproof emergency lamp is LED.


Performance Features
• The controller enclosure is flameproof type, reliable explosion-proof performance.
• Static grounding clamp has tank car identification function, ensure its installed on tank car correctly, not other electric conductor, with no-spark type grounding clamp, no spark produced when equipment impact.
• Static grounding clamp has resistance inspection and liquid level monitoring function, provide local and remote audible and visual alarm and interlocking signal for “static” and ”overflow status”, which is convenient for operator to find out problem and avoid overflow accident.
• Grounding body resistance has inspection function, ensure reliable grounding of system, when electrostatic grounding is bad or grounding loop resistance >10Ω, provide alarm warning.
• With voice and LCD function, the intensity of the sound is 70~120db (the distance is 30cm).
•  Relay signal output for DCS pump (valve), when grounding is not normal, cut off the operation, audible and visual alarm can still be remote controlled, remind operator the real-time status of on-site grounding.
• Red LED shows warning, green LED shows normal working, yellow LED shows standby status.
• Grounding clamp uses alloy aiding thimble, with the features of high hardness, good electric conduction, strong breaking paint and rust power, etc. ensure good grounding monitoring device.
• Grounding clamp is helix tube shrink design, with the capacities of strength anti-pull, anti-drop, etc.
• It can intelligently detect whether the human static voltage is conducted, when the human static voltage is in a dangerous value, sound and light alarm.