Heavy Duty Stopper Cylinder RS2H


・Weight: Reduced by up to 22% (Compared with the previous
 RS1H series)
・Cylinder tube: Shortened by up to 9 mm (RS2H63-30 stroke)
・Capable of stopping pallets softly
・Stopper cylinder with shock absorber
・Lock Release specification (-XC102)

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Technical Data


■Light weight / compact

Weight: Reduced by up to 22%
Cylinder tube: Shortened by up to 9mm

■Easy replacement of shock absorbers

Replaceable just by loosening the set screw

■Stop the workpiece gently with adjustable shock absorber.

Resistance value can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment dial.

■Better handling and visibility of the lock mechanism (Option)

The shape of the lock is changed. Easy to unlock manually,
and instantly see whether it is locked.

■Mounting is interchangeable with the current RS1H series.

Cylinder mounting pitch and the height from the mounting
surface to the roller centre are interchangeable with the RS1H series.

■Compact auto switch (D-M9□) and magnetic
field resistant auto switch (D-P3DW) can be
mounted to three sides.

Compact auto switch can be directly mounted to round switch mounting groove.

■Piping is available from 2 directions.

■The roller can be selected from two materials to suit the application.
(Resin, Carbon steel)

■The roller lever direction can be changed in 90° steps.

To adapt the roller lever of the stopper to the work piece direction,
the roller lever can be positioned in 4 different directions in 90° steps around the piston rod.


■Series Variations